Veterinary regenerative medicine business

“Veterinary regenerative medicine” is a treatment approach in which fat, spinal cord stem cells and other tissues of a sick or injured animal itself (autografting) or other healthy dogs or cats (donors) are cultured and implanted.

Diseases that were difficult to cure with conventional medication or surgery, in particular, endocrine disease such as auto immune disease or diabetes, used to require a prolonged treatment period. However, regenerative medicine is a therapy
that enhances the innate curing power of animals and thus is
considered to have less physical burden on patients.

Pet food business

“Challenging extension of healthy life-span”


(1) We use domestically produced, carefully selected ingredients mainly from Kyushu

(2) No potentially harm additives such as fragrance, coloring, preservative, ethoxyquin, BHA, and BHT are used.

We do not add unnecessary fragrance or seasoning to offer rich flavor originating from natural components and support beloved pets to enjoy healthy and long life.

Pet supply related business

Pets have “life styles equivalent to humans = Human-standard.”

We offer care products responding to such change.

Pets are family. Based on “human” standards, we produce medical care and total daily life related services for the whole pet life market from the perspectives of beloved pets and owners.

About cattle breeding (Wagyu)

As ban on export of Wagyu beef was lifted for the first time in 20 years, we provide supports for understanding import regulations in the destination countries, developing related facilities conforming to the standards of destination countries, and establishing systems for creating value chains inside and outside Japan.

We are engaged in initiatives for the permeation of brand Wagyu and development of new markets, while working to create environment to expand export of Wagyu and aiming at supporting promotion specialized in Wagyu through offering seminars and PR activities in destination countries.