Exhibited at “Nose Short Dog Festival 2022” held on March 6, 2022

On March 6, 2022, we exhibited at the “Nose Short Dog Festival 2022” held at Ibaride in Komorebi Forest.
On the day of the event, 1,388 dog lovers and 955 short-nosed dogs attended, and we were able to interact with dogs at our booth. It was supposed to be a pleasant day with a maximum temperature of 12°C and plenty of sunshine.
Owners who were interested in the “millet” that is a feature of our dog food “All for One Energy Functionality Plus” and tasted it on the spot were delighted and said, “It’s delicious!”, and took home a lot of samples. Thank you. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the organizers, Marble & Co., Ltd., and everyone who participated.


Nose Short Dog Festival (Hanatanken Festival) Official Instagram

What is a short-nosed dog? Breeds that come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and shapes, but whose snouts (muzzles) are short relative to the length of their skulls, are called brachycephalic breeds. Typical dog breeds include French bulldogs, pugs, and Shih Tzus. They are nicknamed “Flat Nose” because of their adorable appearance, and “Buhi” and “Fuga” are nicknames associated with their breathing sounds. )”, and will be held as an event to explore its charm more and more. (From the Hanatanken Festival official website)