Our Mission

We treat pet as a member of precious family just like human

It is our important mission to enrich the life we owe to pets and to continue to develop and provide services so that pets―coexisting partners that directly lead to family joy and daily satisfactions―stay healthy and worry-free, and live a long life.

About us

HACK Medical Group hopes to make use of the technology, experience, and ideas we have cultivated in regenerative medicine in [human] field and apply them in animal field.

In recent years, as “Pets are becoming a part of family = precious members of family,” we are seeking to develop and provide, with care and discretion, services that directly lead to family joy and satisfaction with the keywords, “offering healthy and active long life to pets just like humans.”

Family of pets

About veterinary regenerative medicine

“Veterinary regenerative medicine” is a treatment approach in which fat, spinal cord stem cells and other tissues of a sick or injured animal itself (autografting) or other healthy dogs or cats (donors) are cultured and implanted.

Diseases that were difficult to cure with conventional medication or surgery, in particular, endocrine disease such as auto immune disease or diabetes, used to require a prolonged treatment period. However, regenerative medicine is a therapy that enhances the innate curing power of animals and thus is considered to have less physical burden on patients.

Animal regenerative medicine

New initiative